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Dont fall foul of the groundless threats provisions

By John Rule.

If you find that someone is copying your invention or brand, it is usually a great temptation to throw the legal book at them. However the law attempts to protect businesses from vexacious law suits and damaging threats by providing protection for companies that are unjustifiably threatened with legal action.  

Small claims track available for some IP

By Elizabeth Coulson.

Court proceedings are often a costly and time consuming aspect of defending and enforcing intellectual property (IP) and this usually discourages individuals and small companies from taking action against infringers.  

Following the publication of recommendations for streamlining the intellectual property litigation system and for reducing the costs of pursuing lower value claims, the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) (previously called the "Patents County Court") successfully introduced procedures to help it deal more efficiently with lower value and less complicated IP claims.

Counterfeits - how do I prevent or stop copying?

By John Rule.

Everyone is a victim where copying is concerned. Counterfeits are becoming increasingly sophisticated, but there are things you can do to make it more difficult for the unauthorised user of your intellectual property.

Our Patent Services

We have attorneys who can represent you directly before the UK Intellectual Property Office (formerly the UK Patent Office), the European Patent Office and prosecute International Patent Applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

What is a Patent? Parts 1-4

A patent is a limited monopoly that is granted in return for the disclosure of technical information. A patent is an intellectual property right which is granted as a territorial right for a limited period.

Patent rights make it illegal for anyone except the owner, or a third party with the owner’s permission, to make, use, import or sell the invention in the country where the patent was granted.

This downloadable PDF document details parts 1-3, along with part 4 detailing the UK application process including:

  • Maintaining patent rights
  • Enforcing patent rights
  • Patent marking
  • Patents as assets