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Maintaining your trade mark

By Sarah Chatterley.

If your business has been trading for some time brand names or logos may have been “tweaked” by altering a character, streamlining a design or changing corporate colours.

As your business grows, or simply as times and fashions change, you may find that your trade mark evolves.

It may change style or spelling, or a logo may change colour or be modernised or streamlined. It pays to check with your trade mark attorney that the registration you have already taken the time and trouble to obtain still provides full protection.  If you have to defend your registration against an attack by a third party on its validity or if you want to use it against someone else who has started to encroach on your market, you should be sure that your registration is able to do what you want it to. It can be a mistake to delay dealing with any changes if your market place is growing or evolving as any gaps in your protection may mean that you might not be able to stop someone else using your mark. This applies in a similar way to covering all of the goods and services you start to provide as you grow.

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