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Trade mark classification

By Sarah Chatterley.

For trade mark registration purposes, all goods and services fall into one or more of 45 different categories called “classes”. The specification of goods and services which need to be protected by registration of a trade mark needs to be given careful thought when filing your application. We can help you decide which classes are most important to you now and in future, and help you with the wording of the specification.

First filing

You will need to think about the specific items and services you intend to provide under your trade mark when preparing your trade mark application. The purpose of the goods or what they are made of and the general field of activity for your services (eg personal beauty services, finance, advertising etc) will determine which class or classes you will need to apply for.

We can help you with advice on which classes you will need to look at and how to word the specification of your application to ensure that you receive the maximum protection for your trade mark from your registration.

Classification and protecting your goods and services as your business grows

As your business grows you may find that you have added a number of products or services to the list you originally provided under your trade mark. Consider whether you are going to continue to grow and what you will need to protect.

You may find that your new product ranges or services are not covered by your existing trade mark registrations and so it may be important and a valuable investment to protect them by filing an additional trade mark application. When you consider adding new ranges to what you already provide you should also think about what other companies in the same market are doing. Are any of your future competitors trading under the same or similar trade mark? Just because you have a trade mark for some goods or services does not automatically give you the right to sell everything!

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